Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks #4 – Changing Board Orientation & Using Row Wrap

Change the direction of the cards from vertical to horizontal in two clicks, plus learn the under-used by very helpful row wrapping feature. … Read More

Tips & Tricks #3 – Lock/Hide Episodes to Work on Them Privately, and How to Create Alternative Episodes

Learn how to give yourself and your team some privacy when working on episodes that aren’t ready to share with the room as well al how to create alt episodes in WritersRoom Pro™ . … Read More

Tips & Tricks #1 – Download Cards to Word & Final Draft

Aren’t sure how to turn your cards into a working Word or Final Draft document? Here’s how! … Read More

Tips & Tricks #2 – Live Help from Inside the App & How to Stop Cards from Automatically Moving

Learn how to get the live support you need from inside WritersRoom Pro™ as well as how to stop cards from automatically shifting. … Read More