Frequently Asked Questions

A list of answers to common questions.

Your login address depends on whether you’re on one of our consumer licenses or if you’ve been signed up through a studio or broadcaster with a professional license.  Both the Indie and Partner editions can be logged into at https://app.writersroompro.com.

If you’re a professional customer, please contact your project owner or administrator (the person who invited you to join the project) to get the login information.

WritersRoom Pro works on any computer, handheld, or display that has a browser or can be connected to a computer with a browser.

Spoiler alert: No. WritersRoom Pro might seem like a big spreadsheet, or index card app, or mind mapping program, or even all three, but it has been designed and built from the first line of code specifically for the needs of the professional writers room and TV development process. Writing teams can break down different episodes WHILE the showrunner is working on the season overview, WHILE someone else is creating compelling character stories…ALL within the same project and at the same time. One app controls all four boards with unlimited simultaneous users who can all see each other’s work in real time. WritersRoom Pro is so innovative that it’s Patent Pending.

Not really.  Smart display browsers are wildly underpowered and very limited in resolution and ability.  For example, most smart television browsers can’t display a window in full screen 4K mode which limits the cards that are clearly visible in WritersRoom Pro.  

Obviously everyone’s mileage will vary, however WritersRoom Pro radically cuts down the time it takes to write cards, rewrite cards, move cards, generate beat sheets and outlines, and access all of your season’s work.  If time is money, then clearly WritersRoom Pro will save you money.  But there is also a real-world, measurable cost savings and that is room rental.

Many productions are forced to rent spaces for their writers that are over-sized to accommodate the multiple large corkboards and whiteboards that writers have used forever.  By embracing WritersRoom Pro you can reduce the space requirements which means renting a smaller room, which means money going on screen where it belongs.  

WritersRoom Pro lives on the cloud, so you’ll need Internet access in order to open and edit WritersRoom Pro. 

100% secure.  You control who can see your boards, who can edit them, and who can administer them.  For an unauthorized person to break in they would need a registered email address and password as well as your project’s encryption key.  Additionally, you can set up multi-factor authentication so now there are three levels of security an unauthorized person would have to overcome in order get to your content.   This is why we are trusted by all the major studios with their IP.  Additionally, WritersRoom Pro runs on Amazon’s web servers which are the same ones that Amazon uses for themselves.  If it’s good enough for Bezos…

Absolutely not!  Work the way you’re used to, understanding your process the way you always have.  We have gone out of our way to stay out of your way.  

Not at all.  In most cases a few hours of entering data is all you need to get your season up and running on WritersRoom Pro.

For our studio/professional clients we offer a complimentary remote training session for you and your staff.   A single, 45 minute session gets you up and running and in most cases after a day of using WritersRoom Pro you and your team will be completely proficient.  It’s that easy.  Additionally, we have an extensive demo video posted on this site that doubles as a tutorial if you don’t qualify for the remote training session or just need a refresher.  We’ve got you covered.

We are committed to the success of your show and your experience using WritersRoomPro.  If something goes wrong we swoop in like Batman on the Millennium Falcon.  We have live help (chat/phone) during business hours and email help at other times.