Tips & Tricks #2 – Live Help from Inside the App & How to Stop Cards from Automatically Moving

Tips Tricks 1

Live Chat...At Your Fingertips.

This was a fairly recent update that's easy to miss.  Right inside the app on all screens, at the very top right next to your avatar badge, is the Live Chat icon.  Clicking on that double word balloon icon will open a chat window where you can ask your questions to our crackerjack support department during business hours.  And since we're super dedicated to helping our users you can often reach someone outside of business hours, too.

In the event we're unavailable, you can search support articles from the same chat window or leave a detailed message and someone will help you super-double quickly.  

Stop Cards from Automatically Moving.

This is the feature that people either love or hate.  When you move or delete a card, by default the cards that follow it automatically shift in order to fill the space left behind.  While you're able to temporarily bypass this by holding down the ALT/OPTION key when moving or deleting, some users have requested to be able to turn this off completely.  Here's how to do it:

  1. Click on the SETTINGS menu in the left-hand sidebar.
  2. On the page that opens you'll find Project Settings at the top and User Settings at the bottom.  
  3. Under User Settings find the second toggle marked "Disable row sliding".  Toggle that slider to stop the cards from shifting.
  4. Return to your boards and have fun. 

Did you know...

...that if you have so much text on a card that it extends below the bottom edge (as indicated by the three dots, bottom-center), you can still read it all without opening the card and scrolling the contents?  Use a LONGPRESS on the card, meaning hover your pointer over the card and PRESS & HOLD your mouse button or trackpad.  A text window will open and all of your brilliant text will be visible to review.

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