What’s New

WHAT'S NEW in v1.5?

Besides squishing some pesky bugs and making dozens of ‘under-the-hood’ tweaks to improve performance, v1.5 has added new features and enhanced some old ones:

Select all cards

NEW FEATURE – You can now select all cards on a single board with CTRL-A.  WATCH DEMO.

Select entire rows or columns

NEW FEATURE – You can now select all cards in a row or column by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on either the Act heading card (act board) or the Episode number card (season board). WATCH DEMO

Select multiple episodes (in TV projects) and multiple acts (in Feature projects)

NEW FEATURE – Holding down the CRTL key and clicking on the episode number cards on the episode board now opens multiple episodes at the same time.  Even better, you can now drag cards between episodes in this view! WATCH DEMO

New stacked cards menu

NEW FEATURE – The stacked card icon (top left, just below the name of your project) gives you four different ways to look at cards: As a single stack where only the top card is visible, as a staggered stack where you can see all the cards cantilevered, all cards expanded in a row, all cards expanded in a column, and all cards expanded into a grid. WATCH DEMO

Alt-Arrow keys moves between cards

NEW FEATURE – You can now navigate between cards (even from a card you’re editing) with the Alt-Arrow keys.  Hold down the ALT key and use your arrow keys to move left, right, up, and down between cards.

Row Wrapping

NEW FEATURE –  When looking at cards in the horizontal orientation (rows instead of columns) if you have Row Wrapping turned on in the TOOLS menu, dragging the right edge of your browser window will expand the current row and shift your cards to accommodate the new browser window size.  COMING SOON!

Enhanced chat box

COOL ENHANCEMENT – The chat box is now resizable and able to be repositioned..

Add numbering to reports

COOL ENHANCEMENT – You now have the option to download reports with all of the beats numbered. WATCH DEMO

Underline, italics, and bold via keyboard shortcuts

COOL ENHANCEMENT – You can now use the usual keyboard command (CTRL-B, CTRL-U, CTRL-I) to make text bold, underlined, or italicized while typing.

Create a card in position without opening it.

COOL ENHANCEMENT – Alt-Double Clicking on an empty spot creates a blank card in that spot but doesn’t automatically open it for editing.  Use this to create multiple cards quickly and then edit them later. WATCH DEMO

Enhanced Watermarking (Studio Edition Only)

COOL ENHANCEMENT – Images on cards are now watermarked with the email and IP address of person who created the card, the name of the studio and/or organization, and the date and time the card was created.

Rearranging episodes, acts, and scrap boards works better on tablets