What’s New in 2.0

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WritersRoom Pro® 2.0

The same story development power you rely on, but now with an updated look plus new and enhanced features

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Lovingly developed over the past year and now ready to share with the world!


New - Multiple Character Boards

You wanted it, now you've got it.  Create multiple Character Boards for each project.


Improved - More Reports & Printing Options

Download the contents of your boards to .rtf, .txt and now .pdf as well as printing to index cards and creating PDF images of an entire board.


Improved - Text Editing

Font size, color, justification, and more.  We've completely revamped card editing.


New - Move Cards Between Boards

Drag and drop cards between boards.  No more copy, navigate, and paste!


Improved - More Customizable Settings

Take greater control of the look and feel of your projects and boards.


Improved - Easier Login

We've streamlined the login process to keep you connected and get you into (and back into!) your projects much faster.

Got thirty-four minutes?

Check out our recent webinar giving a brief overview of the key features in WritersRoom Pro® 2.0.

New Layout & Functions

Enhanced Card Editing

New Download & Printing Options