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Welcome to the
WritersRoom Pros Podcast

You didn’t think we’d make it through 2022 and NOT start a podcast, did you?

WritersRoom Pros is an audio and video podcast hosted by Emmy®, WGA, and WGC award-nominated writer and Gemini award-winning producer Jeff Schechter.  Each week Jeff shares another conversation he’s had with television and film professionals as they discuss their work and their approach to finding and developing stories.


Jeff’s roster of guests include (so far):


  • Jeff Astrof, showrunner and co-creator of Shining Vale
  • Naren Shankar, showrunner of The Expanse
  • Salli Richardson-Whitfield, director and executive producer of The Gilded Age
  • Steven Kane, showrunner of The Last Ship and the upcoming Halo TV series
  • Martin Gero, creator of Blindspot
  • Saul Blinkoff, director and producer at Dreamworks Animation
  • Richard Lawson, actor, director and producer
  • Jordan Gorfinkel, graphic novel editor at DC
  • Kurt Farquhar, composer Black Lightning
  • Vivian Lee, writer and co-producer, Lost in Space
  • Cori Uchida & Adam Lash, writer/producers Altered Carbon
  • Alvaro Rodriguez, writer and producer, American Rust

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