WritersRoom Pro® is the only 100% secure, browser-based, TV series and film index card system designed by a showrunner for professional writers' rooms.  Use it in the room to keep your team in sync or with your favorite video-chat program to work remotely in real time.  

Remote Collaboration

Multiple users can view and edit the same boards, together or thousands of miles apart.  And because it's web-based, if you have a browser you have WritersRoom Pro®.


Teaser, four acts, five acts, six acts, tag? All or none of the above? You choose the perfect template for your show. Work your way, not anyone else's.

Military-Grade Security

AES-256 encryption, administrator and user access, digital watermarking...and that's just for starters.

MS Word & Final Draft® Compatible

Output your cards to Word, Final Draft®, or your favorite editing program to create beat sheets, outlines, and even scripts.  No retyping or transcribing needed.

Multi-Device Capable

WritersRoom Pro® looks great on laptops, desktops, and tablets.  It even works on smartphones so you can engage with your show from anywhere.

Non-Destructive Editing

Work is never lost. Revert any index card or even an entire board to a previous revision as far back as day one of the writers room.

Touchscreen Enabled

Enter text on a touchscreen display with a stylus, computer keyboard, or onscreen touchpad.  Displays can be 65", 75" or a whopping 85".

Drag & Drop

Cards can be moved freely by swiping, dragging, and dropping.  They can also be stacked and color-coded.  Push pins and dry-erase markers be damned!


Four boards on one (or more) displays

The writers' room boards you're familiar with, now on your home computer, laptop, tablet, 4K television or mobile device.  Even all at the same time.  And if you have a touchscreen display you can move cards around the boards by hand, just like in the writers' room.  Except maybe in your pajamas.

  • Season Board

    Chart the big moves of an entire season. Six episodes? Eight? Ten or more? The canvas expands with the season order.

  • Episode Board

    Every episode of the season is a single click away.  Also, add sluglines and dialog and Final Draft will format them correctly.

  • Character Board

    Define characters, assign their call sheet position, drag and drop a picture, and track their arcs from first to last episode.

  • Scrap Board

    Don’t know where to put a card, note, idea, or even a drawing to be saved for later?  We do. Right here.  Pro license users can create multiple scrap boards.

From Brain to Board to Page to Screen

WritersRoom Pro® is a complete turn-key system designed to work exactly the way your writers room always has, only much better.  Much, much better.

And MORE including...

  • Unlimited cards on every board

  • Change horizontal and vertical board orientation

  • Filter and output cards based on card color

  • Sandbox alternate episodes

  • Change episode order 

  • Built in text chat window

  • Comprehensive Change Log

  • View cards from any time starting at day one of your project

Hey!  Learn WHAT'S NEW in WritersRoom Pro v1.5


Showrunner Industries Inc is a Los Angeles-based company founded by an award-winning producer,  showrunner and software entrepreneur.  Partnering with an award-winning programmer, WritersRoom Pro® is the first of several products that will be launched in the coming months.

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