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What We’re Watching

As we begin to transition to fall, before we lock ourselves in our houses to avoid perilous Los Angeles winters, it is more essential than ever that we have great shows to binge. Not only does the team at WritersRoom … Read More

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Your Hybrid Writers’ Rooms Done Right

Due to the pesky delta variant, writers’ rooms that thought they were going back in person have either stayed fully-remote or have become hybrid. Since COVID first closed down writers’ rooms over a year ago everyone has become familiar with … Read More

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It’s Easy Being Green (Sorry, Kermit)

Here at WritersRoom Pro, we pride ourselves on not just our app capabilities, but our saving the planet capabilities. All major television studios have committed to improving sustainability by implementing individualised plans to go green. We can’t help but feel … Read More

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Mask Mandate: The Sequel

Well…it was fun while it lasted. Los Angeles just announced that the indoor mask mandate is back, and it will become mandatory for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks indoors.   And even though the vast majority of … Read More

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We Read, Too…

Every summer, Barack Obama releases a summer reading list. While we aren’t comparing ourselves to the former President, we are confident that if he became a television writer he would use WritersRoom Pro. Since great writing is often inspired by … Read More

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WritersRoom Pro®​ in a Post-Covid Hollywood

After what seemed like the longest year in history, the CDC has finally announced that it’s safe for fully vaccinated people to gather, without masks, indoors or outdoors, and in any size group. Instead of sprinting to my nearest, crowded, … Read More

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WritersRoom Pro® vs Miro: Two Apps…One Choice

A few months ago I wrote a comparison of WritersRoom Pro and Miro. Not surprisingly, I favored WritersRoom Pro. More surprisingly, I was scrupulously fair, considering my understandable bias. … Read More

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