It’s Easy Being Green (Sorry, Kermit)

Here at WritersRoom Pro, we pride ourselves on not just our app capabilities, but our saving the planet capabilities. All major television studios have committed to improving sustainability by implementing individualised plans to go green. We can’t help but feel like our technology plays a part here. 

Anyone that’s been in a writers’ room understands just how much paper goes to waste. Between printing lengthy scripts and index cards being tossed left and right recycling bins get filled pretty quickly. Don’t even get me started on the water bottles. The reality is, within the next few years, Hollywood is going to get even greener. We have already kissed straws goodbye, and now it’s time to take things one step further, and switch to a paperless solution that will save you money while saving the environment. WritersRoom Pro is completely paperless. Our boards offer you the complete writers’ room experience without sacrificing your low-carbon footprint. Studios are already encouraging less printing and more digital documentation to further their sustainability goals, but what if you could stop unnecessary paper waste all together? 

The green movement has transformed the possibilities within entertainment production. Sony Pictures made headlines when it committed the blockbuster film, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” to a sustainable production effort. According to Green Production Guide, the film “accomplished a 52 percent waste diversion rate from landfills” meaning the production saved and donated 50 tons of reusable materials for future films. Oh, I forgot to mention that they also saved $400,000 in production costs. That seems important. Sony took it one step further and announced their plan to reach an environmental footprint of zero by the year 2050. While these steps will be taken mostly through company-wide policies, it is important that every individual writer, producer, and assistant contributes. David Ambroz, former executive director of corporate social responsibility at Walt Disney Television, summed up this idea perfectly when he said, “Sustainability really only works if there is a shift in the cultural mindset.”

All major studios have followed suit with these sustainable strategies. A quick Google search will introduce you to each studio’s task forces and teams, solely dedicated to making productions as green as humanly possible. ViacomCBS releases reports about their environmental, social, and governance efforts. NBC is planning on being carbon neutral by 2035 and even jump-started this process by using recycled materials for medals and podiums at this year’s Olympic games. These company-wide sustainability programs are in every studio, and will be honored in every writers’ room. We shouldn’t be implementing these strategies because they are rules, but because they are the right things to do.

Sam Price, a sustainability assistant at HBO, is working diligently with his team to reduce the carbon footprint within HBO but has found the process to be frustrating. Sam explains, “While I commend HBO on their efforts, what’s currently being done is too little to be more than marginally impactful on the industry’s footprint.” Sam stresses how much the sustainability department cares about what they do, but he says “Each production is ultimately in charge of the amount of resources they contribute towards sustainability, and the numbers speak for themselves.” I  believe that many of these sustainability departments are overwhelmed with their company-wide goals and carbon footprint deadlines, and what they need is more cooperation from individual sectors of their studios. 

Despite studio’s making public efforts towards greener and brighter industry futures, it is up to every individual to make an impact.  Making sure all the lights are off when you leave the conference room, bringing your own reusable bottle to the office…it is essential that we start helping the overwhelmed sustainability departments one room at a time. WritersRoom Pro will further this goal by making rooms as paperless as possible.   WritersRoom Pro is proud to be your go-to paperless solution, and we can’t wait to see how our electronic boards continue to make a difference in your room and to our planet.

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